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Photo Gallery
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"Goju-Ryu China-hand"

Shihan McMains and
Shihan Morio Higaonna

Shihan McMains and Shihan Juichi Kokubo

Shihan Kimo Wall,
Shimpo Matayoshi
and Shihan McMains

Mike Tucker, "Opps", Grandmaster Remy Presas, Shihan McMains

DSI Presentation

Texan makes Canadian news


Making more news

Canadian Delegation at Texas JKF Gasshaku

Texas JKF Gasshaku

Shihan McMains
after receiving
certificates and belt

Godan and Renshi
Certificates Presentation
by Shihan Isao Yabunaka

Group Picture with Promotion Certificates 

Presentation of
SeiwaKai Black Belt


Sensei Kristina Brandy
of ShinGan Dojo

1st Class taught
at ShinGan Dojo

Shihan McMains,
Sensei Andre LeMieux
ofTora a na Karate Dojo, Sensei Doug Meagher

DSI Seminar at
Northwest Goju-Ryu

Sensei Meagher
Applying Wrist lock
to Sensei LeMieux...

Looks like he didn't
learn the 1st time

... or the 3rd time

 ... or the 4th time ! ! ! !

"Energy Dump"
in the shoulder

"Energy Transference"
from a wrist technique

Tom Marshall
just had to ask...

Sensei Meagher
on his way down
after falling "up"

"Closing Heaven and Earth"     
All 3 were nauseated


"No Inch Elbow" In
Powell, Tennessee.

Again in Houston, Texas

Michele Grandmont
from Montreal, Quebec
came especially to
"feel" the 'No Inch Elbow"

He did for a week!

Michele after an energetic wrist lock. The photographer was standing next to Shihan McMains.  Michele landed about 6ft away

Michele after 5 minutes was still unable to stand

Yes... Michele survived

Shihan McMains with brother Allen 1979

Kata competition 1978

Luv those groin kicks...
or "groan" Kicks

More groin... Al Francis
is the head referee

1978 Tournament
DP Hill was the
head referee

Hard fighting 1980

Kata Competition 1994

Shihan McMains and
Dave "Coach" Rice
National Rankings 1994

Sensei Liz Logan,
Shihan McMains
and host Sensei Jim
1997 Buffalo

Meeting Sensei Meagher
and students
1997 Buffalo Seminar

Shihan McMains, Charlie Dean, Wally Jay, Tom Muncy, George Dillman, Rick Moneymaker, Remy Presas, Mike Tucker and Randy Fuller Texas 1991

"NY Cowboys"
"Nihanchi" Brown,
Shihan McMains,
Mark Kline,
Frank Annesse
and Mike Tucker 1991

Shihan McMains and Dr. Hee Young Kim of Hando meeting again 1991. Rusty had studied kuksool with
Dr. Kim in the early 1970's

Shihan McMains and
Mike Tucker receiving promotion from
Rick Moneymaker and
Tom Muncy 1992

Promotion during
hosting of "Big 3"
Houston, Tx 1994

Remy Presas clinic
League City, Tx 1991

Kirlian Photography
In the photo to the left the colors are defined and separate.  In the photo to the right, the colors have been "blended" by mental intent (qigong).  The photographer said in 17 years she had never
seen this happen before.

Shihan McMains receiving from Jhoon Rhee 1988

Jhoon Rhee seminar and test 1988

More hard fighting


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